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Welcome to the StarryDreamSeries site. StarryDreamSeries is a sci-fi collection of stories about gamers and game designers in the future who face challenges that threaten their hopes and dreams. The first book in the series is Boomerang written by John Parks. The purpose of this site is to keep fans of the series updated with the latest happenings. Thanks for visiting!!!

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Vex is a ten-year-old juvenile delinquent headed toward a life of gangs and crime in the Outer Galaxy. After the death of a good friend, he decides to turn away from gang life and discovers a growing talent for gaming. Despite his poverty and limited education, the ambitious young boy has dreams of winning the premier prize that signifies he's the best gamer in the galaxy, the Super Rumbles Tournament. He knows that his planet's education system is poor and his options are limited. With a mind set on escape, he studies hard for entrance exams to a wealthy boarding school in the Inner Galaxy, which would give him the edge he needs to succeed as a gamer. His ambitions are interrupted when his father is taken into custody and he finds himself an orphan at a group home. His struggle is complicated by the fact that he is being heavily recruited by a violent, criminal gang known as the Tri-Town Boyz. Vex's troubled past as a juvenile criminal and a homeless street kid may derail his future ambitions. Will he achieve gaming success? Can he stay out of trouble? Can he overcome his obstacles for a better life or will the pull of the Tri-Town Boyz and gang life be too much?